awakening the presence of possibility and Sacred in human heart & spirit 

I create simple and beautiful visual narratives with “the resonance of the Sacred” to open hearts and to inspire/empower people to connect with the New Story – about who they are and how they can participate meaningfully in the Great Transition. I hope that my work invites people into their inspiration, to take action for what they love and care for most, to step into their authentic lives.

Brave New World

Everything started with me saying YES. This is the story of my leap of faith into the Brave New World we are co-creating. My personal story weaves in with the Greater Story of Humanity and the Earth at this time. Come and take a leap of faith with me... take a leap of faith»

My Work

"My work is loving the world" See how I express my love & gratitude for the world with words & images. I follow my bliss and it is capturing the beauty and Sacred of the people and the Earth... see more»


This is where I tell the story of my ongoing, unfolding journey of discovering mySelf and the World, finding my place in the family of things, learning how to love and put my creativity in service of Life... medicineWords blog»
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