Precarious Joy

When I heard the call of my Soul three years ago, I first went to Greece for a retreat. I spent 6 weeks at an olive farm, pretty much in constant silent and stillness and in intimate conversation with a semi-wild land which opened me to a relationship with the Earth larger than anything I know. Not only physical nature – soil, rain, sun, wind, trees, animal beings – but with her soul as well. That’s when I started writing poems to process and express my experience of opening, surrender, falling in love…

This is one of the poems from that time. It felt appropriate to share here for Earth Day.

precarious joy

I stopped everything and I am waiting
listening to her rumbling, trembling, shuffling…
I am a midwife
awake through the night
listening to the whisper of the full moon
who says:
you need to surrender your fears of annihilation
and enter your own life.
sink your teeth into the divine body of love
that holds the creation together
and the consciousness
that binds us is expanding,
penetrating, dancing, weaving us
I am listening to her
as she moans, thrusts, throbs
and I stay awake with her
I love her
how I love her
in her fullness, in her wholeness
as she is shape shifting,
taking us on the wildest ride of our lives
along with her
right into the underworld
riding towards the eternal spring
gasping, breaking open, bewildered
as we gaze through the chaos window
I am sitting, waiting
looking at her deep blue waters
and I am ready to dive in
to catch the life she’s giving birth to
I can see her coming
I can hear her arriving
oh what joy!

originally posted at Magical Mystery Tour
February 2010


*Visual art called Childhood Dream by Siddhartha Saravia

Suddenly, my body

I haven”t written here in a long time. Let”s say I am in an incubation period. It”s also that I have been running around a lot in the past few months for hosting different events, nomading, facing old patterns, getting to know my new cooking online casino slots instruments (a new camera and a computer) and dreaming, envisioning, setting intentions…

soon they will be revealed. here. soon this page will be updated too, to reflect the new expression I am finding within and out there.
until then, here are powerful words from inspiring Eve Ensler, telling the story of how she found her body. A woman”s lived and learned and revealed wisdom, spoken most authentically and poetically.

The anger of the Feminine will burn through all darkness…


“You change the world by actually meeting it; simply by being present and simply by beginning a conversation.
The world can be changed through your attentive presence.”
David Whyte

I am a nomad.

When people ask me where I live, I first start giggling, then attempt to explain my situation which sounds something like: “well, there is this force beyond me keeping me on the road for some reason and I don’t know yet where I am supposed to be living permanently

of course, there is no such thing as permanence. Our human experience is as impermanent as a delicate butterfly or a wild flower which open themselves up to the manifested reality for a few days…

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in love with everything

I recently discovered a clan of women writing about the heart, the Feminine, being a woman, being an authentic woman, being real and spirited, walking the joyful path of life-affirming service, the love, the beauty, the divine and many more resonant, vital matters. This poem was inspired by them and so dedicated to them…

When We, Women, hold hands, hearts and pens,

and speak from the center

of our truth, vulnerability and love

I feel like smelling

the deep dark humus of the Earth

the soft, life-bearing, alive soil,

so rich, so abundant,

so ready to nourish the seed

that contains new life

waiting to burst

and crack open

wild beauty



in love with everything.


A love letter












Today I want to write a love letter.

yes, a love letter…to the divine.

and to Mother Earth.

and to life.

and to mySelf.

and to all of you.

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shake the dust

I was happily introduced to an inspiring slam poet, Anis Mojgani, today through facebook and I took my time diving into his poetry. I enjoyed this particular video very much and would like to offer it to you as well…

this is for ALL of US ,

let’s shake the dust!

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